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School Safety

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At Anniston City Schools we believe Professional Development is important.

Below you will find a schedule of Training Days for School Safety for Child Nutrition, Principals and Central Office Staff:

August 1- Mandatory Reporting (Safety)

August 26- Livening up the Lunch Line (Section 2/SNA) 1hr CEU-Child Nutrition Staff Only

September 16- 988 Hotline (Safety) 30 minute training

November 21- Erin & Annalynn’s Laws (Safety) 30-45 minute training

December 16- Promoting Positive Mental Health (Section 4/SNA) 1 hr CEU-Child Nutrition Staff Only

January 27- Jamari T. Williams Act (Safety) 30 minute training

February 17- PBIS- Positive Behaviors in Schools (Section 4/SNA) 1 hr CEU-Child Nutrition Staff Only

March 23- Jason Flatt Act (Safety) training

April 7- Team standards (Section 3/SNA) 1 hr CEU-Child Nutrition Staff Only

May 5- Mental Health Awareness (Safety) 30-45 minute training

Lifeline Chat : Lifeline (

988 Implementation Guidance Playbooks | National Association of State Mental Health Program Directors ('s%20Law%20Questions%20and%20Answers.pdf's%20Law.pdf