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About Our District


Anniston City Schools

About Our District


    Founded in 1909, Anniston City School (ACS) currently comprises six schools and services approximately 1900 students in grades pre-kindergarten through twelfth grade. ACS employs over 200 certificated teachers and support personnel who are enveloped in elementary, middle, high school and the central office. Through a positive, complementary relationship with Jacksonville State University, Gadsden State Community College and other nearby two- or four-year colleges, the district is afforded the ability to continually transform its teaching staff with professional development. In addition, our system serves as training grounds for the various practicum and internship experiences required by higher education institutions.

     Despite challenges presented, our employees work hard to keep students safe, focused and engaged. Some of the items we are most proud of are our dual enrollment classes, our increase in AP classes; we have a culinary arts program, an onsite bank that has students as tellers, and a new STEM program, where students are learning to use 3-D printers among other technologies. Our system tries to impart a sense of unity through many extra-curricular activities; such as tailgating and alumni conventions. We reach out to our community leaders and neighboring communities and businesses for assistance with mentoring programs.  In addition, ACS has always been known for its tradition of extraordinary, raw talent in athletics and other extracurricular opportunities. Our school system encourages sportsmanship and camaraderie on its athletic fields. Through these character-building tools, our students will develop a lifetime philosophy of success and integrity.

     Our goal is for employees to set the bar high for our students, continually imparting an expectation that learning and growing is possible. Through the commitment of faculty, staff, students, parents and stakeholders, the Anniston City School System aspires to be a community of leaders utilizing individualized and innovative resources to develop confident, life-long learners. ACS is trying to exemplify this through our ongoing professional development for teachers, as well as reinstating the new teacher mentoring program. We invite our stakeholders to all school events, and have an open-door policy for parents.  As a vision, our system hopes to achieve excellence in all things by empowering ALL students to become life-long learners.

Mission: To Empower, Inspire, Support, and Prepare Our Students For The World

Vision: To become a premier educational system 

Slogan:  Empowering our students to win. 

We Believe;

  1. In respect – for self and others,

  2. Every child deserves an advocate,

  3. In accountability,

  4. In high expectations that are measurable,

  5. In ongoing assessments to improve student achievement,

  6. In meeting all student’s needs,

  7. In Team Bulldogs – serving and caring for our students,

  8. Students are not an interruption but the purpose of our work.