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    Anniston, Alabama is located at the southernmost point of the Blue Ridge Mountains, a section of the world-renowned Appalachian Mountains. Traversing the city via Veterans Parkway, the city's new bypass, or Quintard Avenue, the city's most popular thoroughfare, citizens and visitors cannot help but marvel at the majestic views that surround them. Anniston has a rich cultural and civil rights history and is known mostly as the home of Fort McClellan, a military base that was closed in the early nineties. The city's civil rights history became even more prominent recently when the city received the designation for the Freedom Riders National Monument. The monument will include the bus station and the bus burning site, areas made famous by the Freedom Rider bus attack of 1961. According to a 2017 estimate, around 22,000 people reside in Anniston. The Anniston City School System consists of six schools and serves approximately 1800 students in grades pre-kindergarten through twelfth grade.

    The Anniston City School System employs over 200 certificated staff housed in six schools and the central office. A positive complementary relationship with Jacksonville State University, Gadsden State Community College and other nearby two or four year college, allows the district to continually transform its teaching staff. Employees enjoy robust professional development offered by education partners and our schools serve as training grounds for the various practicum and internship experiences required by higher education institutions. Despite the challenges presented by poverty, meager resources, and financial instability, our employees work hard to keep students safe, focused and engaged.

    The vision for Anniston "The Model City" as we are known is One City One Vision. As a community we like to believe we are entering a period of renewed vision, optimism, and opportunity. We are strategically located between two large metropolitan cities, and have a city full of beautifully crafted buildings and designed landscape in our newly renovated downtown. We have ever growing parks, and a newly opened bypass to I-20. However, we still have many repairs to be made. Our city is full of vacant businesses and homes in disrepair. Our schools have been maintained for the most part, but could use updates to some structures, as well as our internal infrastructure supporting our technology. However, our schools have continued to offer new opportunities each year.

    Some of the items we are most proud of are our dual enrollment classes, our increase in AP classes; we have a culinary arts program, an onsite bank that has students as tellers, and a new STEM program, where students are learning to use 3-D printers among other technology. Our system tries to impart a sense of unity through many extra-curricular activities; such as tailgating and alumni conventions. We reach out to our community leaders and neighboring communities and businesses for assistance with mentoring programs.

    Our goal is for faculty and staff to set the bar high for our students, continually imparting an expectation that learning and growing is possible. The mission of our school system is; Through the Commitment of Faculty, Staff, Students, Parents and Stakeholders, the Anniston City School System Aspires to be a Community of Leaders Utilizing Individualized and Innovative Resources to Develop Confident, Life-Long Learners. Anniston City is trying to exemplify this through our ongoing professional development for teachers, as well as reinstating the new teacher mentoring program. We invite our stakeholders to all school events, and have an open door policy for parents. As a vision our system hopes to achieve excellence in all things by empowering ALL students to become life-long learners. A strategic planning committee of about twenty-five community members and district staff completed the work on a five year strategic plan in the fall of 2014. The team produced the following components of the current strategic plan:

    Mission Statement:
    The mission of the Anniston City Schools is to prepare and empower our students for successful futures, to make positive contributions to
    their communities, and to enjoy enriched opportunities.

    Anniston City Schools: Empowering Students to Win!

    Anniston City Schools Guiding Principles:
    In order to accomplish the mission of the Anniston City Schools, we are committed to…

    High expectations and high performance standards
    Safe, clean, order school environments
    Education as a shared responsibility of families, schools and community partners
    Respecting diversity and meeting individual learning needs