School Board Members  

    Becky Brown                                                                      

    2201 Ayers Drive

    Anniston, Alabama 36207           (cell) 256-591-5069

     brownr@anniston.k12.al.us    beckbrownx@aol.com


    Joan Frazier                                                                     

    1279 Winter Place                      (home) 256-831-7445

    Anniston, Alabama 36207          (cell) 256-454-7445

    frazierj@anniston.k12.al.us     foxfraz@gmail.com


    Dr. Mary Harrington                                                 

    801 Quail Drive                            (home) 256-831-3827

    Anniston, Alabama 36201           (cell) 256-239-5298 

     harringtonm@anniston.k12.al.us     mharrington3553@gmail.com


    Robert L. Houston *Board President*

     2 Bristol Place                           (home) 256-831-7902

    Anniston, Alabama 36207         (cell) 256-453-2601

    houstonro@anniston.k12.al.us     robert@speakingwithapurpose.co


    Trudy Munford                       

    2226 McDaniel Ave                   (home) 256-237-6779

    Anniston, Alabama 36201        (cell) 256-419-8959 

     munfordt@anniston.k12.al.us     Tmunford@att.net

    Central Office Administrators

    Dr. Marlon F. Jones - Interim Superintendent of Education  jonesm@anniston.k12.al.us

    Jimmie Thompson III-Chief School Financial Officer   thompsonj@anniston.k12.al.us

    Amy Steen-Hurst-Coordinator of Technology                hursta@anniston.k12.al.us

    Dr. Marlon F. Jones- Director of Federal Programs       jonesm@anniston.k12.al.us

    Gwendolyn A. Baker- Director of Special Education, Section 504, Testing,

    Program for Exceptional Youth, and Gifted Education   bakerg@anniston.k12.al.us

    Yolanda McCants- Coordinator of School Improvement mccantsm@anniston.k12.al.us

    Ashley Alexander- Director of Child Nutrition                 alexandera@anniston.k12.al.us