• Principal's Corner

    Dear Parents,

    Welcome to Anniston Middle School (AMS), home of the mighty Bulldogs! It is a great honor to serve as the principal for an institution that has a long history of perseverance.  This could not happen without the support from parents and community stakeholders. We believe it is our responsibility to provide the best opportunities in education for your children.  We have much success to be proud of over the past few years in academics and athletics. This is something that we as educators, parents, and students should be proud of because our success has been earned by working together. My goal is to continue a culture of positive relationships that will inspire our children to pursue their goals while becoming productive citizens in our communities.  We are determined to use research based resources that will promote data-driven decisions. My pledge is to make AMS an even more innovative learning environment. This school year all students will have a teacher advocate for each of our professional learning communities. Our teacher teams are composed of the core subject area teachers in reading, language arts, math, science and social studies that includes the counselor, career tech, and essential teachers.  Our Special Education teachers will be also be specialized in our core subjects.  This year’s theme is “Be the Difference”.  We believe our students can make the difference in our school perceptions, culture, and communities. It is our job to ensure the difference is a positive one with well thought out choices. As you can imagine, there is a great interest in STEM programs by our students and we have been given a grant to pursue these opportunities at the middle school. We are continuing to add to our career tech courses in an effort to strengthen our high school electives by offering a career exploration class that will be available to our 7th and 8th grade students.  Our music class is offering an additional option for 6th grade students to join beginning choir.  We have recently upgraded all our 21st Century equipment in all classrooms. Our media center has purchased a new set of notebooks for user usage and technology integration. We’ve increase our participation in school clubs to give all our students a choice to make a difference.  In an effort to expand those opportunities, many of our students will participate in field trips to universities and businesses.  The middle school is where students prepare for the future by working towards the ACT. Remember, it’s never too early to prepare for college preparatory and advanced classes. Several of our teachers were trained in AP classes in an effort to provide Pre-AP classes to some of our students. AMS partners with several local agencies to help us reach our goals each year.  We offer tutoring, mentoring, coaching and other activities to our students. We are looking for few good volunteers to grow and strengthen our PTO.  We conduct seminars for parents and teachers throughout the year on bullying and other subjects that are relevant to middle school students.  Our primary source of communication with parents will be the school messenger, newsletters, and the web site. We look forward to another successful year as we pursue excellence one student at a time!

    Bulldogs Lead the Way,

    Kimberly J. Garrick



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