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Superintendent's Message!

Today’s public school student is in need of the best education that we can provide for them, especially as we witness the massive changes in our world’s workforce, but more importantly in our state.  Alabama’s economy is changing and growing and our students need to be prepared to take on the jobs in a workforce that is beginning to emerge as businesses are finding their way to Alabama to set up their corporate work plants. 

Our students will need more than a high school education and that is why we are committed to Empowering, Supporting and Inspiring all students.   Our staff works hard to provide a nurturing environment, as well as a rigorous and challenging curriculum in order to prepare our students for the world after high school.  However, nothing is more important to us than the communication and relationship we have between the parents, community and the school.

It is an honor to serve the Anniston City Schools community as your Superintendent of Schools.  We appreciate the Anniston City School System students, staff and community for creating this positive environment, which holds great promise for the future.  Our work will continue to strive for academic excellence and fiscal responsibility.

In closing, I thank the entire community for continuing to work on behalf of our children.

Dr. D. Ray Hill
Superintendent of Schools